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Horror Unlimited

eCommerce for horror movie photos, DVDs, Diabolique Magazine, publicity material, on-line library, forum & columns. Hits In: 2 / Hits Out: 15


Speciale Halloween Party

Stories, curiosities and various utility related to Halloween party! Hits In: 1 / Hits Out: 16


Printsasia.com Horror Books

Books on Horror from All. Horror Book shipped worldwide. Huge collection of Horror Titles available horror from All. Hits In: 1 / Hits Out: 8


Love Horror

Horror Films Review site Hits In: 1 / Hits Out: 23


Horror Books, Novels, Fantasy, Sci-Fi from Dark Regions Press

Dark Regions Press has been publishing books since 1985 and is an award winning press. We specialize in Horror, Fantasy, and Science Fiction. Hits In: 1 / Hits Out: 7



From Vampires, Werewolves, Zombies, Witches, Skeletons and Horror Movie slasher classics we wanted to have in one place a complete merchandise solution for the horror enthusiast. Hits In: 1 / Hits Out: 18


Hell Horror - Horror Trailers, Upcoming Movies & News

Horror movie reviews, game reviews, book reviews, famous serial killers, unexplained mystery, demons, vampires, werewolfs, banner exchange, forum and more. Hits In: 1 / Hits Out: 22


Gruesome Evolution Horror Merch: T-Shirts, DVDs and Collectibles

Officially licensed horror merch; everything from DVDs and t-shirts to belt buckles and buttons. Hits In: 1 / Hits Out: 13


Cannibal Reviews

Articles on exploitation, sleaze, and horror. DVD/BLU/VHS reviews with full pictures exclusive to the site. Hits In: 1 / Hits Out: 12


Bill Oberst Jr.- Fearmakers

Fangoria calls Bill Oberst Jr. "brutal." John Landis calls him "one scary badass." Here's why... Hits In: 1 / Hits Out: 13

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