60% of 5 Votes Like Actor Lauro Chartrand
Lauro Chartrand is a star/actor who has starred in Nurse 3D (2013), Merlin and the Book of Beasts (2009).

Movies Starring Lauro Chartrand

Nurse 3D (2013)

Nurse 3D 2013

Nurse 3D (2014) (Nurse 3-D) was an enjoyable movie for me to watch. It had weird sex scenes, very disturbing graphic violence, a gruesome gore factor, lots of body counts and suspense. Director Douglas…

Merlin and the Book of Beasts (2009)

Merlin and the Book of Beasts 2009

Welcome to the dark side of Camelot: King Arthur is gone. The Round Table is in ruins. And a rogue sorcerer has unleashed a reign of monstrous terror upon the land. For the court’s last remaining…

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