60% of 5 Votes Like Actor Corbin Bernsen

Movies Directed by Corbin Bernsen

Corbin Bernsen is a star/actor who has starred in Fangs (2002), Tales From the Hood (1995).

Movies Starring Corbin Bernsen

Fangs (2002)

Fangs 2002

I wasn't expecting much from "Fangs". I believe this is another Sci-Fi Channel original movie (if it's not, it sure feels like one). I was hoping for a goofy distraction, something…

Tales From the Hood (1995)

Tales From the Hood 1995

Revenge/horror motif played out again and again and again, but this time with racial implications. Three drug-dealing thugs look for a stash in a funeral parlor and get the grand tour from Mr. Simms,…

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