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David Johnson is a star/actor who has starred in Demons 3 - The Ogre (2003), The Brotherhood III - Young Demons (2003), Tale of a Vampire (1992).

Movies Starring David Johnson

Demons 3 - The Ogre (2003)

Demons 3 - The Ogre 2003

Directed by Lamberto Brava (Demons 1-2, Delirium). Cheryl, a writer from America, goes on holiday with her husband and young son to an ancient Italian villa. Cheryl slowly and shockingly begins to realize…

The Brotherhood III - Young Demons (2003)

The Brotherhood III - Young Demons 2003

its a good homoerotic movie, but its the worst in "the brotherhood" series. its got the least amount of male flesh and there is only one good homoerotic scene where a surfer looking dude is…

Tale of a Vampire (1992)

Tale of a Vampire 1992

Alex is a vampire but he drinks only the blood of animals. Anne Baker has just suffered the death of her boyfriend...

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