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Movies Starring James Spader

Diecovery (2006)

Diecovery 2006

A newlywed couple goes on a honeymoon to the wilderness of Thailand. Unfortunately there's something there waiting for them, someone with evil intentions. 25 years ago a girl was killed there and…

Supernova (2000)

Supernova 2000

Beyond comprehension, beyond imagination and beyond the deepest regions of this galaxy...life as weknow it is about to end! James Spader and OscarÂ(r) nominee* Angela Bassett "strike sparks"(Los…

Wolf (1994)

Wolf 1994

After a car accident with a wolf that bites Will Randal, his life begins to change. Has it changed his life for good? Can he control the Darker side? Another one of my personal favorite werewolf movies…

Jack's Back (1988)

Jack's Back 1988

If your a fan of 1980's mystery's wtih James Spader, You'll love this movie. It's a mystery alot of twists and turns, a nice who done it.

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