This movies list starting with "C" includes reviews for Cloverfield, Clownhouse, Cocoon, Cocoon: The Return & Coherence. The first movie on this page is Cloverfield scoring 3/10 stars in our movie review and has an average user score of 5.9/10 stars from 27 users. Starring in this movie is Scott Lawrence, Jessica Lucas, Theo Rossi, Mike Vogel, Ben Feldman. The second movie listed is Clownhouse scoring 4/10 stars in our movie review list and has an average user score of 6.7/10 stars from 6 users. We hope you enjoy our list of movie reviews here with more upcoming movies coming soon.

Cloverfield (2008)

Cloverfield 2008
Our Score: 3/10   IMDB Score: 7.1/10
+59% Like of 27 votes

Scott Lawrence, Jessica Lucas, Theo Rossi, Mike Vogel, Ben Feldman - Widescreen Blu-Ray Cloverfield. Five young New Yorkers throw their friend a going-away party the night that a monster the size of a skyscraper descends upon the city. Told from the point of view of their…

Clownhouse (1989)

Clownhouse 1989
Our Score: 4/10   IMDB Score: 5.8/10
+67% Like of 6 votes

Sam Rockwell, Victor Salva, Erika Young, Jasper Watts, Bobby Salem - Clownhouse is a film that takes me back to my childhood. I can clearly remember renting the video, that's right VHS, on a Saturday night and being thoroughly freaked out enjoying every second. Back…

Cocoon (1985)

Cocoon 1985
Our Score: 5/10   IMDB Score: 6.6/10
+75% Like of 8 votes

Clint Howard, Herta Ware, Mike Nomad, Wilford Brimley, Barret Oliver - Don Ameche (1985 Academy Award®, Best Supporting Actor), Hume Cronyn, Jack Gilford, Maureen Stapleton, Jessica Tandy, Gwen Verdon, Wilford Brimley and Steve Guttenberg star in this charming fantasy…

Cocoon: The Return (1988)

Cocoon: The Return 1988
Our Score: 4/10   IMDB Score: 5.2/10
+60% Like of 5 votes

Courteney Cox, Herta Ware, Mike Nomad, Linda Harrison, Elaine Stritch - In this charming, funny and very moving sequel to the hit film "Cocoon," the adventurous old-timers who left Earth for the alien utopia Antarea, return on a rescue mission. Although accustomed…

Coherence (2013)

Coherence 2013
Our Score: 7/10   IMDB Score: 7.1/10
+46% Like of 48 votes

Nicholas Brendon, Emily Baldoni, Maury Sterling, Lauren Maher, Elizabeth Gracen - Coherence (2013) is an American science fiction thriller movie that I will watch again. Director and co-writer James Ward Byrkit (Rango (2011), Pirates of the Caribbean: The Curse of the Black Pearl (2003),…

Conan the Barbarian (1982)

Conan the Barbarian 1982
Our Score: 5/10   IMDB Score: 6.9/10
+57% Like of 7 votes

Max von Sydow, Arnold Schwarzenegger, Sven-Ole Thorsen, William Smith, James Earl Jones - Conan the Barbarian, the movie that turned Arnold Schwarzenegger into a global superstar, is a prime example of a match made in heaven. It's the movie that macho maverick writer-director John Milius…

Congo (1999)

Congo 1999
Our Score: 3/10   IMDB Score: 6.0/10
+61% Like of 23 votes

Wilfried Baasner - They've eluded heat-seeking missiles, fought off enraged 5,000 pound hippos and defied a threatening volcano. Nothing will stop a handful of explorers from reaching the fabled lost city of zinj,…

Conquest of the Planet of the Apes (1972)

Conquest of the Planet of the Apes 1972
Our Score: 4/10   IMDB Score: 6.0/10
+60% Like of 5 votes

Roddy McDowall, James Bacon, David Chow, Dick Spangler, Natalie Trundy - Colorful, futuristic sets, a relentless pace and an action-packed climax highlight the fourth episode of the legendary Apes saga, starring Roddy McDowall and Ricardo Montalban. The time is the near future.…

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