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Golem - Greg Vilk Horror Book Review

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In 1942 a U.S. Rangers commando is sent to capture a remote Nazi base in Greenland. Upon arrival, the Rangers discover that the German crew has been massacred and that the lone, fear-stricken survivor hallucinates about ghosts in the snow. The Rangers soon find out that they’re not alone in the base and that they’re confronted with a faceless, deadly entity which can breathe life into non-living matter. 

"Biblical arcana, ancient secrets, and highflying adventure" "Strap yourself in for the ride!"
—James Rollins, int’l bestselling author of Map of Bones

"Greg Vilk has penned a heck of a read"
—Stel Pavlou, bestselling author of Decipher

"A frightening tale…straight out of our worst nightmares" "Screams for a film adaptation"
—Jeremy Robinson, author of Didymus Contingency, B&N.com bestseller

About Golem

Title: Golem
Author: Greg Vilk
Score: 2 / 5 stars
Avg. Rating: 3.05/5 stars from 13 users. Reviews: 13.

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