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Featured Book Review: Killing Your Boss

Killing Your Boss
Author : James DeSantis

Killing Your Boss was a great horror serial killer read. The author, James DeSantis did a marvelous job with this short story that had many twists in it. I like how the author describes each character on their own page. James was very descriptive with his writing to the point…

Restless Shades: Tales of Lurking Horror - Paul Melniczek Horror Book Review

User Score: 75% Like of 4 Total Votes

Horror books Review

Restless Shades: Tales of Lurking Horror

RESTLESS SHADES is a collection of horrifying tales brought to the brave reader from the whisperings of a dark and sinister mind - Paul Melniczek.   

Darkest Jungle: The primeval forest holds many terrors and legends. Perhaps even demons yet lurk, taunting you from the deepest and blackest depths of the wilderness. 

Devil Man of the Hollow: What lies in the unknown depths of the jungle? Tred softly, lest you stir from slumber the malevolent beasts that dwell within. A tale of breath-taking terror. 

Rift: Was it a storm, volcano? Or something alien, unknown to humankind that envelops an ordinary home?   

Scary Nights: Are you afraid of the dark? Nights are a scary time for Bobby, because he is convinced something waits, and watches, from inside his closet.   

The Uncertainty: There is one certainty - you will be shivering, wondering if an eccentric archaeologist has unearthed an ancient secret. Cannibal or curse - which is the real truth?   

Unwelcome: Craig Andrew’s psychic energy takes him to places where he isn’t quite welcome. You’ll shudder at Craig’s harrowing confrontation with the supernatural when he trespasses on the unholy ground of a brooding manor, entering where only the dead rule. 

Stick Men: What kind of farm hands does Bobby’s Uncle have helping him? Can you keep a secret? I’ll tell, but the truth will terrify you. Men made from sticks and straw. But how do they help in the cornfields and where did they come from? 

The Raid: Halloween time is here, a time for tricks and treats. Tommy and Rusty are mischievous little boys who find themselves stranded in a web of trouble when they raid a haunted house. 

Forsaken: The path leads into unexplored hinterland, vast forested mountains and gloomy valleys claimed by no man. Three woodsmen discover a cottage tucked away deep inside the wilderness. What diabolical secrets are waiting to be found within this shrouded hollow? 

Stealer of Shadows: The path to pleasure may lead one into darker pastures, areas of twilight and madness where evil patiently dwells, eager to feast upon the unwary.

About Restless Shades: Tales of Lurking Horror

Title: Restless Shades: Tales of Lurking Horror
Rating: 3.75/5 stars from 4 users. Reviews: 4.
Author: Paul Melniczek

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