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Seven North - Neil Raven Horror Book Review

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Seven North

What I can’t figure is why this guy stopped writing. I’ve managed to track down MD and Informed Consent then Mere Mortals, through Amazon, all written in the 1980’s, set in university hospitals and tracing the progression of doctors as they struggled past the various rings of fire in the hellish rite of passage called internship and residency, as it was then. But this one, Seven North, is another beast altogether. It’s still got a doctor, but it’s a real live hardboiled pulp fiction thing with a (probable) murder, a (doctor) detective for whom Philip Marlowe would have been proud to buy a drink.  It keeps taking twists and turns and nothing is ever quite what it seems and never quite turns out the way it should. The woman (there’s always a dangerous woman in pulp fiction) is a doozy—the mercurial Maureen Banting who may or may not deal in hypoglycemia. (There was a Banting who was one of the inventors of insulin, and I cannot believe the name is a coincidence.) She runs the hero doc quite a chase, through the halls of the hospital, through various neighborhoods in and around Washington, DC. The problem here is not the indifference of a medical system which places its own interests above those of the doctors or patients it was created to serve. The real bitterness arises from the war in Vietnam, from the depths of depravity which welled up from the dark parts of the American soul during those years. This is less House of God and more Deerhunter. It’s got none of the sweetness which bubbled beneath the doctor in training books but is washed through with an darkness as the detective stumbles through what he thinks is a case like others he’s had to solve and discovers it’s got dark layers he never suspected, a Chinatown type darkness. Just not what you expect, especially if you’ve read other books by the same author. Makes you wonder what layers each of us contain.

About Seven North

Title: Seven North
Author: Neil Raven
Score: 2.5 / 5 stars
Avg. Rating: 3.75/5 stars from 4 users. Reviews: 4.

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