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Featured Book Review: Killing Your Boss

Killing Your Boss
Author : James DeSantis

Killing Your Boss was a great horror serial killer read. The author, James DeSantis did a marvelous job with this short story that had many twists in it. I like how the author describes each character on their own page. James was very descriptive with his writing to the point…

Room For Improvement - Stacey Ballis Horror Book Review

User Score: 75% Like of 4 Total Votes

Horror books Review

Room For Improvement

The author of Inappropriate Men and Sleeping Over tackles home improvement and reality TV. 

  Give two hopeful singles their own fashion consultants and interior designers, and allow them four days to perk up each other’s homes and style,  and what do you get? Swap/Meet, the newest reality show on the network block-and Lily Allen’s dream job turned nightmare. 

  At first, Lily thought working on Swap/Meet would make her an interior design star. She just never imagined she’d end up working with a ditzy host, a jealous competitor, and feuding fashion czars. Plus, the cute, curmudgeonly carpenter on her team knows just how to push her buttons. Episode by episode, through do-it-yourself disasters and matchmaking miracles, Lily starts to discover that a little bit of controlled chaos is the spice of life- and love.

About Room For Improvement

Title: Room For Improvement
Rating: 3.75/5 stars from 4 users. Reviews: 4.
Author: Stacey Ballis

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