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Featured Book Review: Killing Your Boss

Killing Your Boss
Author : James DeSantis

Killing Your Boss was a great horror serial killer read. The author, James DeSantis did a marvelous job with this short story that had many twists in it. I like how the author describes each character on their own page. James was very descriptive with his writing to the point…

Changeling: The LostNight Horrors: Grim Fears - White Wolf Publishing Horror Book Review

User Score: 75% Like of 4 Total Votes

Horror books Review

Changeling: The LostNight Horrors: Grim Fears

The Wicked Ones - Seductive lover and cannibal hag. Jealous queen and murderous bogeyman. The creatures out of fairy tales are immortal, born anew in each generation’s stories. Watch carefully over your children, and keep iron handy - for these childhood fears are all too real! This Chronicle Book for Changeling: The Lost features 26 antagonists and beasts to inject a dose of faerie dread into any chronicle, and a variety of treacherous and tricksy Lost to stir up the events of any Changeling game. Night Horrors: Grim Fears includes faerie creatures designed to be used with any chronicle, from Vampire to Hunter!

About Changeling: The LostNight Horrors: Grim Fears

Title: Changeling: The LostNight Horrors: Grim Fears
Rating: 3.75/5 stars from 4 users. Reviews: 4.
Author: White Wolf Publishing

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