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The Mother: A Suburban Horror Story - Richard R. Rullman Horror Book Review

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The Mother: A Suburban Horror Story

This book, although humorous, is a brilliant attack on the Matriarchy. What constitutes the "Matriarchy", you might ask? It’s our entire unholy society that we live in that deifies women. This includes the marriage/divorce industry, the medical profession, the feminists, the lesbians, and of course, THE CHRISTIAN CHURCH.

This amazing book attacks them all with equal zeal, and does so in a way that will keep you laughing at every page. I can’t recommend it enough. It goes hand-in-hand with "The Predatory Female", and is produced by the same publisher. If you read these two afore-mentioned books, along with Esther Vilar’s classic "The Manipulated Man", and "Sex-ploytation" (if you can even find a copy for under $150), then you will be sufficiently armed to protect yourself against the cursed Matriarchy, that seeks to ensnare and destroy men.

About The Mother: A Suburban Horror Story

Title: The Mother: A Suburban Horror Story
Author: Richard R. Rullman
Score: 2.5 / 5 stars
Avg. Rating: 3.75/5 stars from 4 users. Reviews: 4.

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