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Featured Book Review: Killing Your Boss

Killing Your Boss
Author : James DeSantis

Killing Your Boss was a great horror serial killer read. The author, James DeSantis did a marvelous job with this short story that had many twists in it. I like how the author describes each character on their own page. James was very descriptive with his writing to the point…

The Human Effect - Akmal Shebl Horror Book Review

User Score: 75% Like of 4 Total Votes

Horror books Review

The Human Effect

Two rival architects, in love with the same woman, thrive for building the most artistic building of the century in Egypt, aspiring to match legendry masterpieces like the Sphinx & the Pyramids. Once they start designing, they are introduced to Cairo’s horrifying mysteries: Alleys and monuments with secret engravings, buildings that are thought of being alive, cemeteries where the living and the dead sleep side by side, nightmares that show them clues to their journey, lost souls, and uncanny investor who calls himself Zypher and claims he is immortal; a chain of incidents that not only lead to unveiling the secrets and mystery of the historical city, but to exploring their true identities and their ancestors’.

About The Human Effect

Title: The Human Effect
Rating: 3.75/5 stars from 4 users. Reviews: 4.
Author: Akmal Shebl

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