Weaver: Time's Tapestry (Book Four (Time's Tapestry))

Weaver: Time's Tapestry (Book Four (Time's Tapestry)) 0000
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NA - The climax of the “fascinating”( Locus) alternate-history series— from the national bestselling author of Navigator, Conqueror, and Emperor. It is a war that has been fought throughout…


Weaveworld 0000
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Clive Barker - Prosaic Liverpool clerk Calhoun Mooney falls into a magic carpet and enters the cursed and enchanted Weaveworld of the Seerkind, a race that holds the power to make magic or to destroy humanity. Reissue.

Web of Dreams (Casteel Family 5)

Web of Dreams (Casteel Family 5) 0000
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Virginia Andrews - A saga in which Luke and Annie return to Farthinggale Manor, the luxury home of the Tatterton family, determined to put the past firmly to rest, but instead Annie finds there a diary which takes the mystery…

Wednesday's Child

Wednesday's Child 0000
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Deborah Shlian - HARTWOOD'S CHILDREN KNEW A SECRET. A BAD, BAD SECRET...It was Leigh Novak's second chance. She left behind a faithless husband to begin a new life with her young son Jeremy—as a family…

Weed Species

Weed Species 0000
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Jack Ketchum - WEED SPECIES: In ecology. An invasive species, also called an invasive exotic, is an organism that is intentionally or accidentally introduced to an area where it is not native, and where it successfully…


Weekend 0000
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Christopher Pike - A weekend of sun and fun in Acapulco turns into a nightmare when nine teenagers trapped in a mansion realize that they have been lured there for a deadly reason.

Weird Horror Tales

Weird Horror Tales 0000
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Michael Vance - In the tradition of pulp horror master, H.P. Lovecraft come these thirteen tales of mind gripping terror and suspense. Visit Light's End, where horror and madness are your tour guides. Stories by…

Welcome Stranger

Welcome Stranger 0000
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Anthony Masters - The stranger strangler has been brutally murdering homeless girls near the run-down old cinema where Tom Burden works. The shelter next-door is a magnet for the young and vunerable, and the serial killer…

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