Wolf Kill

Wolf Kill 0000
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Gregg Almquist - This book is written well, but the story doesn't make any sense. Not to *!SPOIL*! anyone's enjoyment of the book, if anyone is still reading this old thing, but it seems to be the story of a…

Wolf Man

Wolf Man 0000
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Edo Van Belkom - In this eagerly awaited sequel to the critically acclaimed Wolf Pack, Lone Wolf, and Cry Wolf, author Edo van Belkom once again takes the reader to the mysterious world of wolves and werewolves. A near…

Wolf Moon

Wolf Moon 0000
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Charles de Lint - His name when he was human was Kern. Now he is the most feared of beings: a werewolf. When the change first came upon him, his parents drove him away with silver daggers. Later, he sought human companionship,…

Wolf Pass

Wolf Pass 0000
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Steve Thayer - When a railroad engineer is shot dead, and it is determined that the bullet came from a sniper's rifle more than six hundred yards away, all eyes turn on Deputy Sheriff P. A. Pennington as a suspect.…

Wolf Tales

Wolf Tales 0000
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Kate Douglas - Welcome To A World Where Nothing Is What It Seems And Every Touch Is Ecstasy When Alexandria’s car goes off the road in a terrible blizzard, she has no idea night will bring a powerful rescuer and…

Wolf Tales II

Wolf Tales II 0000
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Kate Douglas - The fantasy filled world of shape shifters, magical creatures and erotic adventures return for a second instalment of scintillating and tantalizing characters and journey into the world of sex and sensuality.…

Wolf Tales IV (Wolf Tales)

Wolf Tales IV (Wolf Tales) 0000
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Kate Douglas - Cross into a realm where pleasure rules the night - and the most dangerous passions have yet to be unleashed...When Tinker McClintock is assigned to track down a young woman who has no idea of her Chanku…

Wolf Tales V (Wolf Tales)

Wolf Tales V (Wolf Tales) 0000
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Kate Douglas - Two Couples, One Wicked Passion. Welcome To The Wild Side Of Love... Life hasn't always been easy for strong-willed Millie West, but it's been a hell of a lot simpler without romantic entanglements.…

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