Voices (Midnight Library)

Voices (Midnight Library) 0000
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Damien Graves - Damien Graves has spent many years searching for the most spine-chilling stories in existence. Now, at last, he has chosen to share with you the best of his collection.... Kate hears startling voices…

Volk's Game: A Novel

Volk's Game: A Novel 0000
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Brent Ghelfi - Alexei Volkovoy--known to the underworld as Volk--is a hardened veteran of the conflict in Chechnya, a gun-for-hire now living in a lawless Russia, serving two corrupt masters: one is Maxim, a psychotic…

Voodoo Moon (Charmed)

Voodoo Moon (Charmed) 0000
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Constance M. Burge - The Halliwells are on holiday in New Orleans. But Piper has a strange dream filled with strange, violent rituals under a full moon. Soon after, a friend of Prue's goes missing and the sisters are…

Voodoo Virus: A Zombie Novel (The Voodoo Virus Chronicles)

Voodoo Virus: A Zombie Novel (The Voodoo Virus Chronicles) 0000
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William Jones - An Evolutionary War the Microbes Won Humanity is dying. The dead are rising. After the virus hit, humans became an endangered species. Within months it spread across the planet, infecting nearly everyone,…

Voyeurs of Death

Voyeurs of Death 0000
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Shaun Jeffrey - In the macabre world of Shaun Jeffrey, things are not always what they seem. A young boy 'fixes' dead things. A fairy tale has a far from happy ending. Clothes bring out the best -- and worst…

Vulcan's Forge (Star Trek)

Vulcan's Forge (Star Trek) 0000
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Susan Shwartz - Just over a year ago, Captain James T. Kirk was lost to the Nexus while saving the U.S.S. Enterprise 1701-B from destruction. Aboard the science ship Intrepid II, Captain Spock, commanding some of his…

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