Vigil 0000
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Robert Masello - In the caves beneath an Italian lake, the fossil of a creature older than the earth has been disinterred. In the Judaean desert, a legendary parchment has been discovered. One reveals the secrets of Heaven.…

VII (Vampire: the Requiem)

VII (Vampire: the Requiem) 0000
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Chriftopher Kobar - You don't believe me? You think I am lying? You think I would lie to my Prince about something like this? Seven did this to your people liege. Here, tonight, the truth was in this room. It stood…

Vintage: A Ghost Story

Vintage: A Ghost Story 0000
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Steve Berman - A lonely gay teen bides his time with trips to strangers' funerals and Ouija board sessions, desperately searching for someone to love--and a reason to live following a suicide attempt. Walking an…


Violin 0000
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Anne Rice - In the grand manner of Interview with the Vampire, Anne Rice's new novel moves across time and the continents, from nineteenth-century Vienna to a St. Charles Greek Revival mansion in present-day…

Visitors (Buffy the Vampire Slayer)

Visitors (Buffy the Vampire Slayer) 0000
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Laura Anne Gilman - The paranormal forces centered in Sunnydale attract the vilest kinds of evil: vamps, demons...and student teachers? An invasion of collegians testing their teaching prowess on Buffy and her peers coincides…

Vittorio the Vampire: New Tales of the Vampires

Vittorio the Vampire: New Tales of the Vampires 0000
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Anne Rice - With Pandora, Anne Rice began a magnificent new series of vampire novels. Now, in the second of her New Tales of the Vampires, she tells the mesmerizing story of Vittorio, a vampire in the Italian Age…


Vivion 0000
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William Hollon - Vivion© is an action-packed story that explores the origins of vampires and introduces another species, the Demonestra. Demonestra Vivion© Vampira, Queen of the Dead and Supreme Ruler of Hell,…


Vlad 0000
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Melodie Romeo - Vlad Dracula, bloodthirsty tyrant; Nicolae of Cozia, avenging son of a murdered noble; Maria, grieving, widowed tavern maid: on a snowy, blood-soaked hill, the three will meet. One will die; one will…

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