Twilight Zone: The Original Stories

Twilight Zone: The Original Stories 0000
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Martin Harry Greenberg - For five seasons, in episode after episode, The Twilight Zone showcased the very best in fantasy and suspense, keeping television viewers on the edge of their seats with its powerful combination of strong…

Twilight's Child (Cutler Family)

Twilight's Child (Cutler Family) 0000
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V.C. Andrews - As Mrs. James Gary Longchamp, Dawn is blissfully happy. But a legacy of deceit and betrayal still haunts her... At last Dawn can create a haven of warmth and love for her beautiful baby girl, Christie,…


Twins 0000
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Caroline B. Cooney - Taking on the identity of her identical twin sister, Madrigal, who had died in a skiing accident, Mary Lee soon discovers that Madrigal's life had not been as ideal as she thought. Reissue."


Twisted 0000
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Sue Hollister Barr - As a killer stalks the youth of San Francisco in 1967, a group of young people leaves the city on a cross-country trip hoping to escape the madness, but the evil is lurking ahead of them, not behind.…

Twisted Reality

Twisted Reality 0000
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John Evans - Reality is only relevant to a given individual in a given place at a given time. What is reality to the rich is not the same reality known to the extremely poor living on the streets. We perceive reality…

Twisted Tails III - Pure Fear

Twisted Tails III - Pure Fear 0000
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Edited and Compiled by J. Richard Jacobs - Those who have read other books in the Twisted Tails series already know that genre is not the driving force behind them. There is a general theme, sure, but no specific limits to where a story can take…

Twisted Tales

Twisted Tales 0000
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Brandon Massey - Fourteen harrowing tales from the award-winning author of WITHIN THE SHADOWS. A man driving home from a Halloween costume party suddenly comes face to face with pure evil...An elderly woman, obsessed…

Twisted: A Novel

Twisted: A Novel 0000
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Jonathan Kellerman - Hollywood homicide detective Petra Connor has helped psychologist Alex Delaware crack tough cases in the past. And in Jonathan Kellerman’s New York Times bestseller Billy Straight she took the lead…

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