Resurrecting Ravana (Buffy the Vampire Slayer)

Resurrecting Ravana  (Buffy the Vampire Slayer) 0000
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Ray Garton - RAISING THE DEAD With midterms looming, the students at Sunnydale High are predictably stressed-out. Even super-student Willow is feeling the pressure to succeed. And when her usual study buddies -- Buffy,…


Resurrection 0000
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Arwen Elys Dayton - A young woman, Pruit Pax, leaves her homeworld of Herrod and heads off in search of the lost technological secret of faster than light travel in order to save her people from an alien threat. Her hunt…

Resurrection (The Domain Trilogy)

Resurrection (The Domain Trilogy) 0000
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Steve Alten - What happens to us when we die?Is there really an afterlife?Do we possess a soul?Does God exist?For Michael Gabriel, the answers to these questions lie in another dimension, a realm of eternity where…

Resurrection Dreams

Resurrection Dreams 0000
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Richard Laymon - Vicki was the only one to stand up for Melvin, but even she had to admit he'd gone to far when he dug up a body and then tried to bring it back to life with the aid of a car battery. Years later,…

Resurrection Man

Resurrection Man 0000
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Sean Stewart - Hiding his supernatural powers from a disapproving society, Dante is alarmed when he finds the dead body of someone who looks exactly like him and begins to uncover the truth about his family's troubled…

Resurrection Men

Resurrection Men 0000
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T.K. Welsh - London, 1830s. Twelve-year-old Victor, an orphan, knows that life is dangerous, and death by disease or accident is common. But to Mr. Tipple and Mr. Biggs, these are streets teeming with possibility,…


Resurrexit 0000
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Leona C. Ross - This is a terrifying tale not to be missed. Since Amazon[.com] hasn't posted an editorial review of the book, here's the description from the back of this book: "The old maid .... nobody…

Return of Elijah: A Wisconsin Dells thriller

Return of Elijah: A Wisconsin Dells thriller 0000
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Father Dale Grubba - A novel that highlights the problem of mental illness. When a man confesses to Father Michael Ross that he has seen Satan, it disturbs the priest. But the confession is just the beginning of a harrowing…

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