Reflections of a Vampire

Reflections of a Vampire 0000
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Damion Kirk - He is irresistibly sexy and might be a rock idol, celebrity model, or hot young movie star. But don't trust what you see or feel when around him. Gerard Arnaud St. Laurue is a thousand-year-old blood…

Reflections on the Art of Living: A Joseph Campbell Companion

Reflections on the Art of Living: A Joseph Campbell Companion 0000
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Diane K. Osbon - Celebrated scholar Joseph Campbell shares his intimate and inspiring reflections on the art of living in this beautifully packaged book, part of a new series to be based on his unpublished writings.


Reflex 0000
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Dick Francis - Longtime jockey Philip Nore is no ordinary hero. But when he begins to suspect that a racetrack photographer's fatal accident was really murder, he sets out to discover the truth and trap the killer.…


Regeneration 0000
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Max Allan Collins - I found this book in the horror section at a used bookstore, but I'm not sure if I would really consider it a horror novel, more of a conspiracy thriller. Regardless, it was a good read, the writing…


Regenesis 0000
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C. J. Cherryh - The direct sequel to the Hugo Award- winning novel Cyteen, Regenesis continues the story of Ariane Emory PR, the genetic clone of one of the greatest scientists humanity has ever produced, and of her…

Reign of the Dead

Reign of the Dead 0000
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Len Barnhart - A worldwide plague causes the dead to walk...and they're attacking the living! A group of just over one hundred survivors seek shelter in a local rescue center. As time passes and the situation deteriorates,…

Relic (Pendergast, Book 1)

Relic (Pendergast, Book 1) 0000
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Douglas Preston - Just days before a massive exhibition opens at the popular New York Museum of Natural History, visitors are being savagely murdered in the museum's dark hallways and secret rooms. Autopsies indicate…


Relics 0000
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Shaun Hutson - A series of murders in which the victims are horrifically mutilated is triggered by the archaeological discovery of a hidden chamber filled with the skulls of children. Investigations reveal the possibility…

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