Red Talons & Fianna (Werewolf: The Apocalypse: Tribe Novel, Book 3)

Red Talons & Fianna (Werewolf: The Apocalypse: Tribe Novel, Book 3) 0000
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Eric Griffin - Savage werewolves and warriors of Gaia, the Garou face their greatest challenge yet: a beast that eats their memories. And the Garou, without their legends, are nothing. Against this beast stand Big Sis…

Redemption (Angel)

Redemption (Angel) 0000
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Mel Odom - Even if it takes an eternity, he will make amends... DÉJÀ VU DEMON When their investigation agency books a walk-in client, Angel, Cordelia, and Doyle couldn't be happier. Whitney Tyler…

Redemption Alley (Jill Kismet)

Redemption Alley (Jill Kismet) 0000
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Lilith Saintcrow - Some cases are unusual - even for Jill Kismet. When her police contact asks her to look into a "suicide", she suddenly finds herself in a labyrinth of deception, drugs, murder -- and all-too-human…

Redemption Ark (Revelation Space)

Redemption Ark (Revelation Space) 0000
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Alastair Reynolds - This stunning sequel to Revelation Space begins late in the twenty-sixth century. The human race has advanced enough to accidentally trigger alien machines designed to detect intelligent life--and destroy…

Redwall (Redwall | Book 1)

Redwall  (Redwall | Book 1) 0000
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Brian Jacques - A special release of one of the most beloved fantasy adventures of our time!

Redwork (An Avon Flare Book)

Redwork (An Avon Flare Book) 0000
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Michael Bedard - Certain that the apartment he and his mother have rented is haunted, Cass discovers that Mr. Magnus, the landlord, who is the object of much fear in the neighborhood, is hiding a dark evil. Reprint. AB.…

Reef Dance (J. Shepard Mysteries)

Reef Dance (J. Shepard Mysteries) 0000
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John Decure - Thirteen years ago J. Shepard's mother rose before dawn, packed a bag and walked out of his life forever. Since then, the rolling surf has been his only escape, a refuge from the daily stress of…

Reflections of a Dark Soul

Reflections of a Dark Soul 0000
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C.V. Clark - Cory was born in Miami, Florida, in the cultural turning point that was 1979. He watched as corruption, drug, hate, and greed ran rampant through the halls of government and the streets of America . He…

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