Portal Through Time (Buffy the Vampire Slayer)

Portal Through Time (Buffy the Vampire Slayer) 0000
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Alice Henderson - Buffy thought she'd finished the Master when she dusted him. But in Sunnydale things have a way of coming back. . . . The Master may be dead, but he is not forgotten. One of the vampire lord's…

Powers (Annals of the Western Shore)

Powers (Annals of the Western Shore) 0000
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Ursula K. Le Guin - Young Gav can remember the page of a book after seeing it once, and, inexplicably, he sometimes “remembers” things that are going to happen in the future. As a loyal slave, he must keep these…


Precog 0000
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L. Duigon - His brilliant parents never could comprehend why their loner 12-year-old son Robin only ever garners Cs in school, why he isn't as equally smart or why he tends to be easily distracted, frequently losing…

Predator and Prey (Prowlers)

Predator and Prey (Prowlers) 0000
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Christopher Golden - Jack Dwyer has a new enemy...a vicious, ravenous beast brings a new dimension of terror to the third in Christopher Golden's spectacular dark fantasy series. Ever since his best friend Artie was…

Predator: Forever Midnight

Predator: Forever Midnight 0000
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John Shirley - Erupting on the screen in a blaze of blood and guts in 1987, the film Predator quickly became a favorite, spawning a host of sequels, games, and novels. In Predator: Forever Midnight, John Shirley casts…

Predator: Hell & Hot Water

Predator: Hell & Hot Water 0000
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Mark Schultz - Two days ago, the crew of a Chilean fishing vessel saw something fall from the sky -- a vision that at times took on material definition and flickered with an electricity of its own. Captain Cromartie…

Predator: South China Sea

Predator: South China Sea 0000
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Jeff VanderMeer - On a remote South China Sea island, a deadly hunt is underway... but not the kind of expedition the participants expected. In this remote, jungle-covered island somewhere between Thailand and Indonesia…

Predator: Turnabout (Predator)

Predator: Turnabout (Predator) 0000
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Steve Perry - Deep in the Alaskan forest, ranger Sloan comes across the torn and bloody carcasses of Grizzly bears. Searching a human cause for the massacres, he discovers a team of poachers hunkered within the Alaska…

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