Kidnapped 0000
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Robert Louis Stevenson - Set mainly in the Scottish Highlands in the years following the Jacobite Rebellion of 1745, Kidnapped follows the fortunes of the young David Balfour as he endeavours to claim the inheritance of which…

Kill 4 Me

Kill 4 Me 0000
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Joel M. Andre - Casey Dwyer is haunted. After a horrific car accident that claimed the life of her sister, she has struggled to return to a normal life. But on a cold winter day what seemed like a harmless text on her…

Kill for Me

Kill for Me 0000
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Karen Rose - Five teenage girls have been viciously attacked. One survived. Only she can reveal the secrets of a disturbing ring of people who kidnap and sell teenage girls on the black market. But those responsible…

Kill Me

Kill Me 0000
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Stephen White - THIS ONE IS DIFFERENT.New York Times bestselling author Stephen White has written a new breed of thriller. Throw out everything you think you know about twists, turns, and surprises. Get ready for the…

Kill Whitey

Kill Whitey 0000
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Brian Keene - Brian Keene is one of my all time favorite authors. His books are fun, quick reads, and really get the imaginative juices flowing. Kill Whitey is no exception. It is an extremely fast paced, visceral…

Killer Asylum

Killer Asylum 0000
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David R. Williams - "...a treat for all true lovers of horror who have been turning anorexic thanks to a diet of noodle thin ‘frighteners’. The master of blood and gore is here and he is making a bold statement".

Killer Camera

Killer Camera 0000
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Anthony Horowitz - Two spine-chilling short stories by Anthony Horowitz, a master-storyteller and the best-selling author of the Alex Rider series. Jamie is please with the camera he finds at a car boot sale - that is until…

Killer Clown of King's County (Bone Chillers)

Killer Clown of King's County (Bone Chillers) 0000
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Betsy Haynes - Clowns aren't kid stuff anymore when they make things disappear into thin air. Zeke is in over his head when he realizes the clown's next trick at his birthday bash is called Box of Doom. Will…


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