HAVEN 0000
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Vincent E. Sweeney - In the future, the deadliest place in the universe is the only place we can call 'home'. After crash-landing on a lush alien world, refugees from the long-forgotten planet Earth find themselves…


HAWG 0000
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Steven L. Shrewsbury - Blue collar tough Andrew White knows that in the rural community of Miller's Fork bad things are best left in the dark. He soon learns that monsters wear many shapes. In a populace rife with of vice…

Headstone City

Headstone City 0000
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Tom Piccirilli - The night Johnny Danetello drove a dying girl through the streets of Brooklyn in his cab, he was trying to save her life. Instead he ran down a cop and lost her and his freedom. Every day in prison, Johnny…

Healing Wounds

Healing Wounds 0000
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Vanessa N. Gilfoy - A lover's betrayal, vampires' bites… Do all wounds heal, even those infected with disgrace? A gothic mansion in the middle of nowhere seemed the perfect place to escape her…

Health Agent

Health Agent 0000
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Jeffrey Thomas - Punktown's health agents are charged with keeping the public safe from infectious disease. Between inter-planetary travel, super-mutant strains of bacteria and criminal genetic manipulation they…

Hear the Children Calling (Onyx)

Hear the Children Calling (Onyx) 0000
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Clare McNally - A woman on a lonely highway hears a cry for help--but no one is there. Another woman is approached by a stranger who tells her that her dead child lives. A fifth grade girl "sees" her dead twin…

Heart Choice (Celta's HeartMates | Book 4)

Heart Choice  (Celta's HeartMates | Book 4) 0000
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Robin D. Owens - On the planet of Celta, where psychic talents thrive and desires flourish, Straif Blackthorne is the last of his kind. After his family dies due to a genetic disorder, Straif is determined to find a cure…

Heart Duel (Celta's HeartMates | Book 3)

Heart Duel  (Celta's HeartMates | Book 3) 0000
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Robin D. Owens - Healer Lark Collinson hates the street duelling that is a way of life among the noble families on Celta -- it was just such a skirmish that killerd her Healer husband and left her a grieving widow. The…

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