Ghosts and Grisly Things

Ghosts and Grisly Things 0000
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Ramsey Campbell - Ramsey Campbell's novels have justly won him acclaim as one of the best writers of the age. A three-time winner of the World Fantasy Award and an eight-time winner of the British Fantasy Award, his writing…

Ghosts of Onyx (Halo)

Ghosts of Onyx (Halo) 0000
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Eric Nylund - Continuing the saga of the award-winning Xbox™ game!  The Spartan-II program has gone public. Tales of super-soldiers fending off thousands of Covenant attacks have become the stuff of…

Ghostville Elementary #1

Ghostville Elementary #1 0000
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Marcia T. Jones - The basement of Sleepy Hollow's elementary school is haunted. At least that's what everyone says. But no one has ever gone downstairs to prove it. Until now... This year, Cassidy and Jeff's…

Ghostwalker (The Fighters)

Ghostwalker (The Fighters) 0000
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Erik Scott de Bie - The Fighters series showcases one of the most popular Dungeons & DragonsĀ® character classes.Ā Each novel in the Fighters series is written as a stand-alone adventure, allowing new readers an easy…


Ghoul 0000
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Brian Keene - I read this book with my boyfriend, and really liked it. The cast reminded me of the movie, "Stand by Me," but in a much darker setting. All in all, the book was spooky, exciting, and enjoyable.


Ghouls 0000
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Nat Thompson - Ghouls survive off the flesh of the dead. In modern society huge industry has formed around this practice. What? You don't believe it? You've never heard of mortuaries?


Giant 0000
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Edna Ferber - This sweeping tale captures the essence of Texas on a staggering scale as it chronicles the life and times of cattleman Jordan "Bick" Benedict, his naive young society wife, Leslie, and three…

Giant Monster

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Steve Niles - 'Giant Monster' is the ultimate giant monster story from the writer-creator of the smash-hit vampire epic 30 DAYS OF NIGHT. The year is 2013. Astronaut Don Maggert's first space flight…

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