Adrenaline High (Sidestreets)

Adrenaline High (Sidestreets) 0000
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C A Forsyth - D'Arcy is a 16-year-old overachiever and a budding newshound. When her classmate Zania's mother goes missing, D'Arcy thinks she's found the mother of all scoops. She's determined…


Adversary 0000
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Daniel Rhodes - A man is being pursued by a monster, a creature of the dark. This is the second novel from the author of "Next, After Lucifer".

After Dark

After Dark 0000
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Carol Haytko - Kae Jude is a tough as nails U.S. Marshall, specializing in paranormal activity. In Spring Lake, New Jersey, vampires have made their mark on the world, running exclusive night clubs where the main attraction…

After Human

After Human 0000
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Michael Cross - A network of assassins and regulators who keep the peace between humans and vampires proves that immortality comes with a price when they target a vampire who refuses to keep his brutal appetite in check…

After Lovecraft: The Horror at Red Hook (Call of Cthulhu, OWC4005)

After Lovecraft: The Horror at Red Hook (Call of Cthulhu, OWC4005) 0000
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Super Genius Games - Ten years ago, the sinister forces at work in Brooklyn's Red Hook neighborhood coalesced in the events described in the short story: The Horror at Red Hook. The After Lovecraft line of adventures…

After Midnight

After Midnight 0000
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Richard Laymon - When Alice's friend Serena goes away she stays in her house, with its sunken bathtub and big-screen TV. Best of all is the outdoor swimming pool. But one night a stranger walks out of the woods and…

After Midnight: Volume One

After Midnight: Volume One 0000
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Patrick Cunningham - When the forces of darkness awaken-when the fate of the world is at stake! who will be brave enough to stand and fight for the powers of good and the whole of humanity? An unlikely quartet of Ben, Rodger…

After the War

After the War 0000
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Carol Matas - After World War II, Ruth, a 15-year-old survivor of Buchenwald has nowhere to turn. Recruited by Brichah, an underground organization that helps people get to Palestine, Ruth risks her life to lead a…

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