Among the Betrayed

Among the Betrayed 0000
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Margaret Peterson Haddix and Margaret Haddix - What does it mean to save yourself? Nina Idi -- a third child in a society where families are allowed only two children -- has been betrayed by the boy she loved, and arrested by the Population Police…

Among the Dolls

Among the Dolls 0000
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William Sleator - A dark awakening . . .When her parents give her a gloomy old dollhouse for her birthday instead of the ten speed bike she’s expecting, Vicky is disappointed. But she soon becomes fascinated by the…

Among the Impostors (Shadow Children)

Among the Impostors (Shadow Children) 0000
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Margaret Peterson Haddix - OUT OF HIDING. INTO DANGER. Luke Garner is an illegal third child. All his life has been spent in hiding. Now, for the first time, Luke is living among others. He has assumed a deceased boy's identity…

Among the Missing

Among the Missing 0000
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Richard Laymon - A Californian wife has left her academic husband. As she drives through the mountains in the early hours of the morning, she picks up a hitch-hiker - rugged, adventurous - who suggests a romantic stop.…

Amulet of Doom (Chamber of Horrors)

Amulet of Doom (Chamber of Horrors) 0000
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Bruce Coville - Trusted by her fascinating Aunt Zenobia to care for an ancient amulet, Marilyn Sparks is transported to a demonic world in which she must fight an ancient curse, a tragic demon, and a thousand-year-old…


Amy 0000
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Samantha Lee - Halloween is a chance to get back at all the adults and make them suffer - and they just have to laugh and take it. But what if you've hitched up with someone who has serious payback in mind? A girl…

An Early Winter

An Early Winter 0000
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Marion Dane Bauer - Tim is distressed to learn that his mom, new stepfather, and grandmother are sure Granddad has Alzheimer's disease. Refusing to accept the possibility that they may be right, Tim persuades Granddad…

An Evil Guest

An Evil Guest 0000
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Gene Wolfe - Lovecraft mets Blade Runner. This is a stand-alone supernatural horror novel with a 30s noir atmosphere. Gene Wolfe can write in whatever genre he wants--and always with superb style and…

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