Candyman: Day of the Dead (1999)

Candyman: Day of the Dead 1999
Our Score: 2/10   IMDB Score: 4.3/10
+65% Like of 20 votes

Tony Todd, Jsu Garcia, Lombardo Boyar, Lupe Ontiveros, Mike Moroff - The third film of the Candyman series sort-of follows on from the events of part 2. Set several years later, and the Candyman (played once more by Tony Todd) is now on the loose in Los Angeles, terrorising…

Boogeyman (2005)

Boogeyman 2005
Our Score: 2/10   IMDB Score: 4.1/10
+71% Like of 28 votes

Lucy Lawless, Scott Wills, Edward Campbell, Robyn Malcolm, Olivia Tennet - Every culture has one - the horrible monster fueling young children's nightmares. But for Tim, the Boogeyman still lives in his memories as a creature that devoured his father 16 years earlier. Is…

Howling: New Moon Rising (1995)

Howling: New Moon Rising 1995
Our Score: 3/10   IMDB Score: 1.8/10
+58% Like of 26 votes

Elizabeth Shé, Clive Turner, Romy Windsor, Bonnie Lagassa, Jack Holder - The male surviver from the Budapest Massacre in "The Howling V" now finds himself in another werewolf mess. When he enters town, people begin disappearing, he is arrested. Then he is rescued…

Death Do Us Part (2014)

Death Do Us Part 2014
Our Score: 2/10   IMDB Score: 4.2/10
+62% Like of 26 votes

Kyle Cassie, Aaron Douglas, Viv Leacock, Peter Benson, Emilie Ullerup - Award winning director from Vancouver, Canada, Nicholas Humphries (Cheers to Death, Spring Cleaning, Wake Me Up) failed terribly at this movie. He has experience so probably it was the three writers (Ryan…

The Last Exorcism Part II (2013)

The Last Exorcism Part II 2013
Our Score: 2/10   IMDB Score: 3.9/10
+81% Like of 27 votes

David Jensen, Elton LeBlanc, Muse Watson, Judd Lormand, Colby Boothman-Shepard - Director Ed Gass-Donnelly did not do such a good job with The Last Exorcism Part II. I did not like this movie and would not really recommend it to anyone to see. The original Exorcist movie was awesome…

The Devil Inside (2012)

The Devil Inside 2012
Our Score: 2/10   IMDB Score: 4.1/10
+66% Like of 35 votes

Claudiu Trandafir, Bonnie Morgan, Ionut Grama, John Prosky, Claudiu Istodor - Now The Devil Inside is exactly why you should never believe the hype of marketing. It is their job to make a crappy movie if you want to call it that appear to be something you want to watch. The Devil…

Creepshow 3 (2006)

Creepshow 3 2006
Our Score: 2/10   IMDB Score: 2.9/10
+52% Like of 21 votes

AJ Bowen, Elina Madison, Roy Abramsohn, Justin Smith, Brian Jacobs - Creepshow III consist of five vignettes of horror and humor. In "Alice", a teenage girl finds her family has changed... or maybe it's her? In "The Radio" security guard Jerry…

Anaconda III (2008)

Anaconda III 2008
Our Score: 2/10   IMDB Score: 2.7/10
+54% Like of 26 votes

John Rhys-Davies, Serban Celea, Vasile Albinet, Bart Sidles, Bogdan Uritescu - A ruthless mercenary, Hammett (David Hasselhoff) and his team are on the hunt for a pair of giant snakes that have escaped and are on a mega-sized feeding frenzy. They must stop the onslaught before the…