Beauty and the Beast Season 1 - Summary

Catherine Chandler (Kristin Kruek from "Smallville") who is also known as Cat is a strong and confident homicide detective. Cat witnessed the murder of her mother when she was a teenager and would have been killed also, but someone or something saved her from the murderers. Cat is a smart person and told people that it was a human and not an animal who attacked her mothers killer, but no one believed her. Cat still thinks of her mother every day although years have passed. Cat has become close friends with her partner Tess Vargas (Nina Lisanrello). Cat is also friends with the medical examiner Evan Marks (Max Brown from "Tudor") who has a flirtatious relationship with her, but Cat would not give him a chance.

Cat and Tess discover fingerprints that belong to Doctor Vincent Keller (Jay Ryan from "Terra Nova") who was supposedly killed by enemy fire in Afghanistan. Cat discover that Vincent is still alive and has been in hiding for 10 years. J.T. Forbes (Austin Basis) is Vincent's childhood friend who has kept his secret of him becoming a terrifying beast when he is enraged and is unable to control his super strength and extreme senses. Vincent has been watching Catherine for years because he feels connected to her emotionally, and he finally tells her that he was the one who saved her the night of her mothers murder.