A&Es The Returned Season 1 Casts Mark Pellegrino FTWSun., May 25, 2014

Mark Pellegrino is the first cast member for A&E’s The Returned Season 1 based on the popular french TV series. Pellegrino will play a father named Jack whose children (20 year-old twins named Lena & Camille) return to him mysteriously after being killed in a school bus crash when they were 16, four years prior. Pellegrino is a great actor who has a lot of roles that he nailed under his belt with popular titles like CW’s Supernatural, Syfy’s Being Human, ABC’s Revolution and HBO’s Dexter to name a few. Mark Pellegrino is definitely a great pick and even though I did not see the French version, I will definitely give The Returned a chance.

A&Es The Returned Season 1 Casts Mark Pellegrino FTW

Source: deadline.com

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