Shout! Factory Releasing Dead Shadows - Blu-ray Release DetailsThu., January 09, 2014

News broke on the Shout! Factory facebook page that they will be releasing the French horror film Dead Shadows on Blu-ray/DVD this upcoming April 22, 2014. I haven’t gotten chance to watch this creepy horror movie but I did see the trailer and this is a film to look out for. I love that they will be including an English dubbed option for the movie so that makes it all the easier to jump in. Make sure you check it out in April.

From the facebook page: We’re thrilled to be introducing DEAD SHADOWS - a suspenseful, F/X-ladened new sci-fi thriller from France - to U.S. & Canada audiences on DVD & Blu-ray this Spring!

Synopsis: A young man’s parents were murdered on the same day the Halley comet was visible from Earth. Eleven years later, a new comet lights up the sky, but as the night goes on, people begins to transform into horrible creatures. (Imagine The Thing, Invasion of the Body Snatchers and Lifeforce all crossed with each other and you get the idea.)

The film streets on 4/22 and will contain its original French language track (with English subtitles) along with an English-dubbed track option. More details - including film clips and extras - will emerge in the next couple of months.

Shout! Factory Releasing Dead Shadows - Blu-ray Release Details


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