Dan Waltons Bind - 2 New Movie Still PhotosMon., November 18, 2013

Dan Walton strikes again with 2 new photos for Bind. Every movie still from Bind just creeps me out. I have to see Bind. Starring in Bind is Darren Matheson, Sierra Pitkin, Alisha-Jo Penney, Sasha Neuhaus, Shayleigh Pruzina, Deborah Finkel, Eliza Faria, Lynn Csontos, Mackenzie Mowat, Morgan Pasiuk, Nathan Vass and Natasha Davidson.

Synopsis: A family moves into an abandoned orphanage. They soon learn that their charming orphanage has a disturbing history and become convinced they aren’t alone.

Horror Movie Bind Bath movie still

Dan Walton Bind movie still

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