Return of the Killer Shews - DVD Artwork Poster
Tue., May 29, 2012

Horror film Return of the Killer Shews stars John Schneider (“Smallville”, “Secret Life of the American Teenager”) James Best (“Dukes of Hazard”, “The Killer Shrews”) and Bruce Davison “X-Men”, “Willard”). This DVD artwork looks a little intense but having not seen the first movie, hoping for the best here.

DVD Poster

Upcoming movie Return of the Killers Shews


"A realty TV show needs an experienced captain to take them to their remote deserted island location. They hire Captain Thorne Sherman (James Best, "Dukes of Hazzard") who signs on before realizing the island is a place Captain Thorne has been before—The Island of the Killer Shrews! Of course, no one believes Captain Thorne and his tales of flesh-eating rodents, but they will find out the truth of the Killer Shrews soon enough.

From the beginning, the shoot is a disaster. All the supplies have not arrived, the crew is inexperienced, and the show’s legendary "animal expert," Johnny Reno (John Schneider, "Smallville," "Secret Life of the American Teenager," "Dukes of Hazzard") is a talentless know-it-all. The production manager, Sam (Jason Shane Scott, "Starship Troopers 2") sends two crew members into the jungle to scout locations, but they never return, having been attacked and eaten by the Killer Shrews.

Captain Thorne has seen this before, having been on the island the first time the Killer Shrews struck, so he gets everyone into a safe house—the same scientific compound where the man-eating shrews were spawned half a century ago. However, no safe house can be completely "safe" from the Killer Shrews and they attack, under the leadership of Jerry (Bruce Davison, "X-Men," "Willard"), a mysterious castaway who has a strange hold over the Killer Shrews.

Captain Thorne and Jerry have a shared past, and there will need to be one final confrontation to see which of the two enemies will survive each other, and whether anyone can survive the Killer Shrews."

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