FX Female Serial Killer Heartsick - Showtime's Dexter Lookout
Wed., May 09, 2012

FX will be bringing out their own serial killer TV show Heartsick just like the hit Showtime Dexter. This time though our serial killer will be a female serial killer. FX Heartsick is based on the popular horror book series written by Chelsea Cain. Our female killer, named Gretchen Lowell, is in a relationship with a police detective, Detective Sheridan. The detective knows that she is a serial killer having previously been her victim. She kidnapped the detective for a week and tortured him but released him afterwards for whatever reason.

Similar to Dexter but different enough to watch without feeling like watching a Dexter knockoff. Heartsick has a female serial killer with a torture angle. Female killers are rare and often referred to as "angels of death" or "black widows", this makes them less likely to be a suspect. Let’s see what happens.

Heartsick is being written by Mikko Alanne (5 Days of War) and produced by Geyer Kosinski (Magic City).

FX Female Serial Killer Heartsick

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