Wrath of the Crows from Ivan Zuccon
Mon., May 23, 2011

Ivan Zuccon, Italian filmmaker who also made Colour From the Dark and Nympha will now be starting pre production on Wrath of the Crows. Directing will be Ivan Zuccon and Roberta Marrelli and a screenplay from both Zuccon and Gerardo Di Filippo. Starring Debbie Rochon and Tiffany Shepis.

Wrath of the Crows is set in a filthy, cramped jail, where prisoners Larry, Deborah, Hugo, Hernest and Liza are forced to suffer all types of cruelties by the guards and their chief, known as The Officer. Controlling them all is The Judge—a mysterious man who has never been seen, but is feared by all and sets the rules that they need to follow.

wrath of crows

Everyone in the prison has no memory of how they got to the prison, but they slowly remember a great evil that led them to the fortress. Imprisoned for what seems like an eternity. The Princess appears dressed in a coat of crow feathers. The Princess has a dark, supernatural nature and the power of telekinesis.

Joining the cast in Wrath of the Crows is emerging actress Tara Cardinal along with Zuccon regulars Michael Segal (Colour, Nympha, The Shunned House), Matteo Tosi (Colour, Bad Brains), Emanuele Cerman (Shunned House, Bad Brains), Emmett Scanlan and Gerry Shanahan (both from Colour). Special makeup will be handled by Crea FX.

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